Model Interview: JaKarra Danielle

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

New to our model family, JaKarra takes us deeper into her life and explores what she would like to see happen in fashion in the near future.

What’s your story?

JaKarra: Well my mom went to a runway school in Portland after she graduated high school and they told her she was too short. Soon after she had me and I’ve always been bigger. I love my mom dearly but she was always on me for my weight even when I wasn’t overweight. I think this had a lot to do with not only her aspirations of being a model but also because of her desire for me to be healthy.

Growing up with used to have “performances” on our porch and my mom taught us to model walk. I moved to Portland in 2014 after I got my bachelors in theatre and was working a corporate job. I decided to get into modeling and started with Misslopez Media after seeing a lot of posts about how bigger women shouldn’t model and it took off from there. My goal with my platform is to bring confidence to people who don’t fit the current structure for fashion so that they love their bodies too. Hopefully by being comfortable in my skin I can help others do the same.

What motivates your style?

JaKarra:My style is incredibly versatile and depending on my mood I go from long flowing dresses to a grungy biker vibe. The same goes for my hair, which is also constantly changing (in protective styles)

What do you hope to see happen in the world of fashion in the next five year?

JaKarra:In the next 5 years I want to see ALL body types. Right now “curvy” is flat tummy with surgically wide hips and Brazilian booty lifts (which don’t get me wrong, I am all for anyone modifying their body to feel more confident). But I want to see curvy bodies that have the stomach pooch that comes with it. I want authenticity.

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

JaKarra:If I were a fruit I would be a pineapple because it bites back. (It produces an enzyme that breaks down protein so it is literally eating you while you eat it)

Is there one topic in fashion that you’d like to speak on that doesn’t get enough light?

JaKarra:I think a big topic in the Portland area especially is paying models and photographers for their work. I’ve known quite a few artists who have had to move or stop altogether because no one wants to pay them for their art. It takes a lot of time an effort and respecting that is important.

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Fringe Fashion Show & Pop Up expands to two nights this year as we explore the world of risqué avant-garde fashion the first night and present an experimental experience in fashion and shop the second night.

Night One:

Night Two:

This years show features: Sloane White Couture | Dubard

O’Field | Nicole Bridal | Minnie Opal

Rain City Street Wear | Xtina

Ophir El-Boher | You Can Stay Clothing

Banana Ghost | Rosalena Winkler

Fringe was borne from a single spark of inspiration between two creative soulmates. Designer Sloane White and photographer Tom Lupton recognized a need for a completely inclusive fashion show in Portland. They quickly assembled a team of other creatives and from there, the spark ignited into a wildfire of ideas.

The first Fringe show last August was a sold out success at the beautiful Star Theater downtown. A group of unconventional designers showcased their stunning collections on the runway, featuring the most diverse group of models we could find to represent every aspect of our fair city.