Meet our Sponsor: Cobalt Studios PDX

Cobalt Studios PDX isn’t just any photography studio. Tammy and Bill Linn, the owners, are highly thought of as family in the Portland arts community. Cobalt Studios, located in inner SE Portland, is a complete state-of-the-art 2500 square foot photo and multimedia studio.

Designed for photographers, by photographers, it serves as much more than a premier photography studio. In addition to offering a professional setting to discerning creatives, Bill and Tammy have created a home for Portland’s thriving and quickly growing art community.

Images from the initial build out of Cobalt Studios PDX

How would you describe your studio to someone who has just started off in photography?

Our studio is the go to place to learn, to grow and be creative in an environment that supports and encourages you as a creative individual. We’ll show you the top 5 portrait looks and give you time to explore the variety of what one light can do!

What are some of the biggest challenges of running a photography studio?

One of our fundamental challenges of coming to town and starting the studio is that not many photographers had comfort in a studio or working in a studio. What we’ve been able to do is to introduce our creative photography community to using lights as the sun and control them. We’ve broken the ice and reached out to photographers to bring so many people in and teach them and take this group of people who have been intimidated by what we do here, and make them fall in love with it.

What is the defining element that sets Cobalt Studios PDX apart from the others?

Cobalt Studios PDX’s defining element is our staff and our people. Cobalt family is a real thing and the environment we create with everyone who brings in ideas, passion, and how we are here to support the photographers and teams through the entire experience. It’s a service, not just a space, making sure that we get the shot we want!

What does the future of Cobalt Studios PDX look like? Anything in the works as the studio grows?

One of our priorities is classes! Creating an inclusive classroom for lighting, portraits, editing, modeling and photography as a business. Second to that is community events, reopening our gallery and hosting more events! We want to continue evolving this place to be the best we can be for the community.

Photos from Cobalt Studios PDX

Fringe Fashion PDX is proud to team up with Cobalt Studios as our main sponsor. Bill and Tammy have a reputation of welcoming anyone and everyone with open arms, and they were a natural fit for Fringe to team up with to bring Portland the most creative and inclusive shows possible this year.

Here are just a few things community members are saying about Bill and Tammy at Cobalt Studios:

“I can't, for the life of me, remember the first time I was at Cobalt. But shortly after my first time there, they posted a contest on Instagram. It was a creepy Halloween photo idea contest and the winner got to do the shoot at Cobalt with the crew. I proposed a shoot with a giant spider and huge webs with a person in it. I won! But I didn't know really what to expect the day of the shoot. Bill and Tammy were really welcoming and accommodating. They were funny and excited to work together which made the day great! It ended up being so much fun! We shot for a while and tried so many different ideas. I got to work with not only Bill and Tammy, but Nalani, their studio manager, too. It kicked off a great relationship overall and I've been addicted to Cobalt ever since!” ~Nicole Nance, Model

“Cobalt is literally the nexus of creativity for fashion in Portland... it's quite the ground zero for anything that needs some high-quality artistry. They foster the safety of models, and always encourage going the extra mile when shooting something new. Which is ALWAYS.” ~Tom Lupton, Photographer

“I was really impressed with their set up and how welcoming the both of them were to me. They both have huge hearts and really go out of their way to make sure everyone feels really included in the scene and make sure no one feels left out.” ~Sloane White, Designer

To contact Cobalt Studios PDX or to learn more about their services, please visit the links below: