It was all a Dream..

A love letter from Tom Lupton.....

Dear “Dream” Team,

Thank you for making this show the best it could have possibly been. It was so BEAUTIFUL! The outfits were gorgeous, the wigs intimidating; the makeup disturbing, thought-proving... and yet transfixing and filled with beauty.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our creative community and those who have stuck behind us to help us bring our work to life, especially Cobalt Studios PDX and Portland Center Stage at The Armory.

Portland Center Stage:

Cobalt Studios PDX:

Our talents made everything superhuman. You made the audience gasp, laugh, cry, love, and think. Yes, you made people think. About what it means to be human.

Tyler set the tone of this show perfectly, and managed to give credit to allllllll you people without putting the audience to sleep.

Kyle set a rock-solid backbone. The music drove us in this show, and he carried the music like a conductor. Thank you for making a pulse that could drive us.

The stage crew made everything seamless, and magic. It is amazing how people can be a river that carries the show along while making themselves invisible. I personally know how much concentration, observation and planning it takes -- thank you for that. A small slip can be sooo distracting at times like this, and it never happened.

Nicole Kitchi, you never waivered, you were always on point, and were the glue that kept everything together. Always. Though some pretty difficult times. And you kept us all happy, despite everything you go through.

Siobhán Roche, there is no one else who could have directed this show like you. Driven by heart, controlled by a metronome.

Lucy Howard, we rely on you for many things, and when sometimes we think something can't happen, you convince us it can, and show us how.

Photographers and videographers, you know how much I ask from you -- so many more people will be seeing this after the show, and I thank you for representing us in a way that brings them into the show like they were there, but adds the touch of art that brings them even closer.

Dream showcased clothes by Cortnie Semple, Minnie Opal, Fraulein Couture, Body Bag Boutique, Shamanic Chic and Get Sushi Designs, Sonia Kasparian - Urchin (who you may have seen recently on Project Runway), and Dubard. With accessories from Anne Bocci Boutique, Kimberly Carman Designs, and wigs from award-winning hairpiece designer Chris Vandehey and Wigland.

Our Hair and makeup leader was Amanda McGahey and the Hair and make up team consisted of Riley, Ali Aldridge , Crystal Sanchez , Eliza Buchanan, Chris Vandahey and Lisa Houser.

Our models and performers were Rachel Neaman, Sara McGerald, Samara Pohl, Amber Nicotra, Nicole Nance, Sloane White, Mikaylah Bordner and Megan Thompson.

Our photography team included Dann Webb, Maliyna Kinnie, Tofik Ahmad and Scott Tice with videography by Kevin Balmer.

Our DJ and sound engineer was Kyle McGerald aka Zealot of Subduction Audio with narration and soundscaping by Keith Spears . Our set designer and stage manager was Briana Leblanc with assistance from Chad Cheshire, Carol Nicotra and Taylor Ross. Our coordinator was Nicole Kitchi and the cake you will see in Dream was created by Randi King of Blondie Cakes. Our MC was Tyler Zibaie.

Dream was directed by Siohban Roach, conceptualized by Tom Lupton and co-produced by Lucy Howard.

Tom Lupton dedicated the show to Kaian McGerald, Sara & Kyle McGerald’s son, an incredibly powerful and creative young boy with cerebral palsy who inspires us all daily.

We love you all,

Team Fringe