Fringe Fashion PDX: Afterglow

The most unique fashion show and pop up experience in Portland Is back!

The fashion industry is notorious for its Pay-to-Show formula. A fashion designer will buy into a fashion show at an exorbitant cost, anywhere from $600 to $2000 depending on the night they are being shown and the level of “exposure” they get. Furthermore, fashion shows and their organizers are notorious for perpetuating a stereotype that models need to be a certain height, weight and proportion to be considered to grace the runway.

Fringe Fashion PDX is here for the second year in a row to break this mold. We do not charge our designers or vendors to participate and we open our model casting to EVERYONE! Fashion should forever be inclusive and we are here to make sure our message is heard! Want to join our cause? Come to our show!! Can’t make it to the show? Buy a few tickets anyways as the profit we make from our sales go back into the community. Again, we do not charge our designer or vendors to participate which means this event is 100% community driven. We also offer our designers and participants free web space, PR, outreach and community engagement seminars!



This years show features:

Sloane White Couture | Dubard

O’Field | Nicole Bridal | Minnie Opal

Rain City Street Wear | Xtina

Ophir El-Boher | You Can Stay Clothing

Banana Ghost | Rosalena Winkler

See you there,

Team Fringe