Fringe Fashion PDX: Afterdark PSA

We have an important call to arms for our creative community..

So as you may know, we are having a pretty amazing set of events this weekend. In light of the protests, we want to take a minute to shift everyone’s focus to something incredibly important.

Over the past four months, over 150 volunteers, 20 businesses partners and your beloved Fringe Fashion PDX Team have been grinding away to bring a series of events to life that represent the creative entity that is Portland.

We want to take this time to not only promote our events that will be taking place at The Star Theater in Chinatown this Saturday and Sunday, but implore you to come support these events and the businesses around The Star Theater this weekend. The growing fear of these protests will negatively impact the businesses in the downtown and surrounding boroughs, so we hope that once the dust settles that you’ll make it a point to come out and support those who need it. Want to make a difference this weekend? Let’s all take a stand against these negative ideologies that are adversely effecting our city and come out to support our growing creative, diverse and inclusive community.

We're definitely aware of the situation and we've had many discussions about it as a team. We've contacted the police and let them know about our event. During the day on Saturday, we will be locked away behind the gates of the Star and the doors will remain locked until the doors open at 8pm that evening. The venue has stellar security that are also vigilant and aware of the situation, as well. It's true that the protesters don't always stay where they are supposed to, but they do tend to concentrate around the pioneer square area, usually, and the police do a good job of keeping them contained. We've also been assembling a team of volunteers that will accompany anyone to their cars/bus/max should they desire that at the end of the evening. Come relax, have fun and enjoy the show.

Fringe Fashion Show & Pop Up expands to two nights this year as we explore the world of risqué avant-garde fashion the first night and present an experimental experience in fashion and shop the second night.



This years show features:

Sloane White Couture | Dubard

O’Field | Nicole Bridal | Minnie Opal

Rain City Street Wear | Xtina

Ophir El-Boher | You Can Stay Clothing

Banana Ghost | Rosalena Winkler