Fringe After Dark: The Acts

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

We sat down with some of our performers for our upcoming show “Afterdark” to get a little peak behind the curtain and learn more about who they really are! Enter: Afterdark!

Who are Slutty Hearts:

A girl-fronted gypsy death pop with spaghetti-western-gothic overtones, coming to a town near you from Portland, Oregon.

"Where 'Bones In The Snow' saw the band pull back on the reins a bit, 'No-Tell Motel' sees them not only drop those reins, but give the horse a spurred kick in the ribs for good measure. It’s a great look for them." —Eleven Magazine

"Lush, driving, new-wave pop that's sure to go down as smooth as the Jell-O shots you'll be lining up all night." —Portland Mercury

Check our their music on their site or on their Facebook page below:

Who is Copper VanDoom:

I have been performing burlesque in my hometown of Portland Oregon, and along the West Coast for 6 years now. From classic and neo burlesque, to an MC as a drag king doing magic tricks. I love bringing art to the stage, and getting out of my shell. I'm honored to be doing a performance in a costume that is one of the pieces from the Nicole Couture collection for this event. You can see me next at the Oregon Burlesque Festival for opening night on September 26th at the Alberta Rose Theater.

Who is Phallus Johnson:

I, Phallus Johnson, am a performer and shapeshifter in Portland, OR. I am a drag performer who showcases unapologetic fierce femininity and genderfuckery, and the stage is where I tell my stories. I have performed across town at events such as Club Kai Kai, Critical Mascara, and Dante's Sinferno. Out of drag, you can find me prancing with Portland's premiere vogue kiki house, The House of Ada. I also am apart of a drag clown family called The Farce Family where we bring queerness and vulnerability to festivals such as Electric Forest. I am also apart of a queer acro duo known as Lady Phallus. You can also find me on the pole at the infamous Kit Kat Club!

Social media:, instagram @alicephallus

Pronouns: she/they

Who is Aly Doerschera:

I started poling at the end of 2018 and immediately fell in love. I trained in Ballet and other forms of dance for many years growing up and I'm thrilled to have found another outlet where I can express myself through movement. One of my favorite aspects of pole is exploring different genres and styles, from erotic and aggressive to delicate and expressive, and my journey so far has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. Off the pole, I work as a software engineer and I'm spending the summer learning how to ride and care for my first motorcycle.

Who is Jaklyn B. Michaels:

Travis, my creator, is a Portland native, born and raised in the city of roses. He grew up on a farm for most of his life in the middle of a rural town outside the city. After going through one of the hardest journeys that an LGBT person has to endure, self discovery, he decided to move back to the big city. 

In 2018 Jaklyn was born. She’s feisty, she’s sassy, and sometimes a little cunty. Jaklyn is the reigning Debutante of the Imperial Soverign Rose Court of Portland and one of the newest queens in town. She loves to bring you “fishy realness” and perform anything from country bops to broadway musical numbers. 

She sincerely hopes you enjoy the little number she’s out together for you tonight! 

Who is Lady Mircat aka Amira Sereia:

A tiny mystical MerFaerie originating from the coast of Southeast Alaska. She currently resides in Portland Oregon where she lives her passions through dance and art. She teaches dance classes in her home dance studio. 

Instagram: @mircat_amirasereia 

Who is Saoirse:

My name is Saoirse (like Inertia) but you can call me Cam. I am non-binary go by they or she pronouns. I have been a performer most of my life but this is my first time modeling. I started playing bagpipes when I was 7 and currently play several instruments with several bands (you can check out my artist page for more info).

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Fringe Fashion Show & Pop Up expands to two nights this year as we explore the world of risqué avant-garde fashion the first night and present an experimental experience in fashion and shop the second night.

Night One:

Night Two:

This years show features:

Sloane White Couture | Dubard

O’Field | Nicole Bridal | Minnie Opal

Rain City Street Wear | Xtina

Ophir El-Boher | You Can Stay Clothing

Banana Ghost | Rosalena Winkler