Designer Interview: Ophir El-Boher

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Ophir El-Boher is a fashion designer fully committed to using only excess materials to help get rid of the world’s trash. Through creative upcycling and artistic collaborations, she challenges fashion conventions of material use, production, consumption cycles, and beauty itself. We sat down with her to learn more about her creative process.

What makes your collection stand out?

Ophir: I design solely out of reclaimed materials. All the fabrics I use were something else before they got into my studio. For this summer collection, I am collaborating with several artists to create new shapes, patterns, and moves. The result will be excessive with color and pattern, funny in its shapes and style, and entertainingly confusing in the way it approaches the body.

What inspires/drives you to create?

Ophir:I am inspired by the non-cool, the unflattering, and anything awkward. Lately, I was inspired by big ears and big bellies, for examples. I take these things that make us uncomfortable and try to spin them into something desirable. I enjoy having fun when I make, and laughing is the ultimate goal. While the pleasure of making drives my stylistic choices, environmental and social concerns drive everything else-from the way I source materials to the conversations have with my models-I try to keep the highest standards of ethics.

What does fashion mean to you?

Ophir: Fashion is fun. It is my art form, my way to express myself and push conventional ideas beyond their limits. Through fashion I can speak what’s on my mind, critique what I see n the world, connect with people... Being aware of environmental challenges and the social problems hyper-consumerism creates, I use fashion to tackle these problems; through making and teaching fashion I aim to reduce fashion consumption, and fashion waste. I use fashion as a tool, a catalyst, to make people rethink and reshape their daily life into a more healthy, sustainable ways of living, joyfully.


Artists Rebecca Giordano and Heather Coleman are my fabric-printing team. For this collection, they are using their special magic to create an original print on reclaimed material. By screen printing on the found fabric, we make a simple, zero-waste cover into a unique statement piece that is a spectacular of bold colors and shapes, inspired by our shared love to photosynthetic organisms (aka plants). They are both expert printmakers, extraordinary artists, with deep love to natural forms that shows in their magical creations, including this print. Heather is also a co-founder of Salt Press- A community-oriented, no bullshit print shop.



STACY LOVEJOY is an artist and a global provider of omnipotence and eternal youthfulness ( For this collection, she collaborated with me on a few of the pieces, advancing color and shapes into the future. She is a moves' master, leading the models' walk through a movement workshop. Her Instagram handle is: @stacylovejoy

Ophir’s recent shoot with model Zara Swan and Photographer Jay Manansala

HMUA: Jovana Combs

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