Designer Interview: Dubard

We sat down Lucy Howard of Dubard to get a glimpse into what makes her fashion so unique and what has inspired her to create such timeless work. Enter Dubard!

What makes your collection stand out? 

Dubar: Dubard’s collection highlights the different styles and sizes provided by Dubard.  From glamor and going out to ready to wear, Dubard will make the perfect item to enhance your occasion. The moment you put on a Dubard, you feel it.  The essence of who you are comes out. That is saying a lot for putting on a piece of clothing, but it is true.  There is a real feeling you get when you wear Dubard.  Every item walking down the runway can be made in a size that will fit you.

What inspires/drives you to create? 

Dubard: Since I started designing in 2003 I have focused on making clothing that fits comfortable, wears well (doesn’t fall apart), and brings the very essence of who you are out and alive.   Bringing your personality out and creating individuality by what you are wearing is the core of Dubard.  Limited fabric is purchased in prints so there aren’t many items that are duplicated.  Having an item that is one of kind or only a few available creates an environment where individuality thrives.  All patterns and sizes are made by the designer.  Clients are able to come with a photo or concept of an item they are interested in and Dubard can make it for them, in the size they need.  Having made over 800 individual patterns, there is a lot of styles that are available to fit your needs.

What does fashion mean to you?

Dubard: Fashion means art, life, expression, authenticity, individuality, and the true essence of who you are.  Personality comes out with what you choose to wear.  It is a blessing to create items that enhance the moments in life.  When you love what you wear my mission is complete.

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Photographer: Dan Webb

Model: Charm Luna Serenia

Designer: Lucy Howard (Dubard)

Accessories: Kimberly A Carman

HMUA: Ali Arledge

Studio: Dan Webb Photography

Assistance: Lucy Howard


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Fringe was borne from a single spark of inspiration between two creative soulmates. Designer Sloane White and photographer Tom Lupton recognized a need for a completely inclusive fashion show in Portland. They quickly assembled a team of other creatives and from there, the spark ignited into a wildfire of ideas.

The first Fringe show last August was a sold out success at the beautiful Star Theater downtown. A group of unconventional designers showcased their stunning collections on the runway, featuring the most diverse group of models we could find to represent every aspect of our fair city.