Behind The Lens: Tom Lupton

Tom Lupton, artist extraordinaire and founding member of Fringe Fashion PDX takes us into his world and goes Behind The Lens with Fringe!

What inspired you to start exploring photography?

Tom: I did my first “creative” shoot with Renee Jacobson (our Beauty Director), setting out to create the beautiful and twisted visions I have had in my head. I kinda nailed it… I mean, one of the first pictures out of my camera was published in Dark Beauty magazine! THAT gave me a lot of confidence!

Other than fashion, what is your favorite subject to shoot?

Tom: Does “not fashion” count as an answer? Seriously, I try to make everything I create unpredictable and a little odd. So, even my fashion is laced with a little subversion. I essentially try to create things that question what we expect to see in an image. A ball gown on a beautiful woman, paired with a rusty axe, for example. It expresses individuality, and I am 100% with that. Some eggs don’t fit in the carton, and those are the eggs I love to shoot.

If you were to go back in time, what era would you want to go back to and shoot?

Tom: Oh, totally forward into the apocalypse. Break out the gasmasks and kneepads.

What’s your favorite camera to shoot with?

Tom: I’m actually not that into cameras. Do I always have one on me? Yes. Do I fawn over it? No.

Tom’s work can be found at and on Instagram @TomLuptonPhotos

Fringe Fashion Show & Pop Up expands to two nights this year as we explore the world of risqué avant-garde fashion the first night and present an experimental experience in fashion and shop the second night.

Night One:

Night Two:

This years show features:

‭Sloane White Couture | Dubard‬

‭O’Field | Nicole Bridal | Minnie Opal‬

‭Rain City Street Wear | Xtina‬

‭Ophir El-Boher | You Can Stay Clothing‬

‭Banana Ghost | Rosalena Winkler‬

Fringe was borne from a single spark of inspiration between two creative soulmates. Designer Sloane White and photographer Tom Lupton recognized a need for a completely inclusive fashion show in Portland. They quickly assembled a team of other creatives and from there, the spark ignited into a wildfire of ideas.

The first Fringe show last August was a sold out success at the beautiful Star Theater downtown. A group of unconventional designers showcased their stunning collections on the runway, featuring the most diverse group of models we could find to represent every aspect of our fair city.